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KERMAT, a German precision bathroom brand, is a global high-end kitchen and bathroom brand. As a global supplier of high-end bathroom and kitchen products, KERMAT has always been committed to providing excellent bathroom and kitchen water solutions for humanity. For a long time, KERMAT has integrated European design concepts, German precision product quality, and made KERMAT's brand more high-end. The three-dimensional service system has won the full recognition of users worldwide.
KERMAT entered the Chinese market in 2015. In 2017, it officially established the KERMAT (China) Operation Management Center and KERMAT (China) R&D Center for the Chinese market. In 2019, it collaborated with European designers to create a high-end, fashionable, and avant-garde designer brand. In 2022, the (China) Manufacturing Center was established, relying on China's rich resources and strong supply chain system to make KERMAT more competitive in the Chinese market. Enable consumers to better enjoy fashionable, avant-garde, and high-quality cost-effective products. KERMAT always adheres to the core brand concept of "fashionable and avant-garde original design, energy-saving goal with water as the source". It is meticulously designed by senior European designers with unique personality charm and fashionable and avant-garde products.
KERMAT products always adhere to the precision quality standards, and strive for every product to have German precision quality. This is the high-quality concept that KERMAT always adheres to.
Since entering the Chinese market, KERMAT, with its avant-garde, fashionable design and German precision quality, has been loved and pursued by a large number of senior designers. Its products are widely used in high-end star rated hotels, luxury hotels, high-end commercial real estate buildings, etc. They are now used in China and most countries and regions around the world. KERMAT is relying on fashion, avant-garde original design, and constantly improving product capabilities, combined with China's rich resources and industrial supply chain, and also relying on China's strong manufacturing capabilities. Make KERMAT a forward-looking brand for global bathroom development, providing comprehensive water experience solutions for global consumers.


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Focus on R &D, design, production and manufacturing of high-quality sanitary ware and supporting products.